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    The New Solar Home

    The New Solar Home

    The New Solar Home illustrates exceptional homes that are groundbreaking not only in their use of renewable energy but also in their commitment to recycling and repurposing materials used in construction and reducing the impact on the surrounding environment through sensitive building methods. With details on why these homeowners decided to go solar and how having a solar home can save money in the long run, these solar beauties are sure to inspire homeowners to create or remodel their own solar sanctuaries.

    New Green Home Solutions
    New Green Home Solutions

    New Green Home Solutions

    “What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”

    — Henry David Thoreau

    Green living begins at home, and New Green Home Solutions tells you how. Most of the energy-derived pollution we produce comes as a direct result of our homes-how we heat them, how we cool them, how we keep them well-lit and full of things that make our lives so comfortable. The good news is that we have tremendous power to create change. Renewable energy design, better insulation and more efficient appliances could reduce energy demands by 60 to 80 percent. By embracing conservation and renewable energy, we can win our energy independence and help save the planet.

    New Green Home Solutions by Dave Bonta and Stephen Snyder offers easy “whole house strategies” for using renewable energy. “The days of building cookie-cutter mcMansions are over, and the era of thinking about the real cost of a house has begun. And this is the guide to doing it with enormous elegance, real frugality, and a commitment to the health of the world beyond your walls.”
    – Bill McKibben, author Deep Economy

    “We are careening towards a future where less will be more. Less oil will cost more money. That’s for sure. But will your lifestyle be diminished? New Green Home Solutions by Dave Bonta and Stephen Snyder provides a blueprint to a future where less toxicity and less dependence on fossil fuel will be matched by more pleasure, more comfort, more beauty, and more self-reliance. The technologies for renewable household energy and gracious green living are
    here and now. Let Bonta and Snyder be your guides to a future that is worth looking forward to.”
    – Stephen Morris, Editor and Publisher of Green Living Journal and author of The New Village Green (New Society Publishers, 2007)

    “This is a wonderful book for people who want to know what their green home options are. The clearly written text explains how a wide variety of renewable energy technologies can be integrated seamlessly into a “whole home strategy” for living better on less energy. Brief overviews of financing, system design, and installation as well as a comprehensive resources section round out the informative offerings. Green living can begin at home, your home.”
    – Greg Pahl, author of The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook

    New Green Home Solutions

    By Dave Bonta and Stephen Snyder
    $24.99 Paperback
    9 3⁄4 x 7 1⁄2 in
    144 Pages
    October 2008

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